Friday, February 25, 2005

Under the Tuscan Sun

i have always felt and believed that i am led to watch the movies i do watch in the same way i am led to books i eventually am drawn to read--by serendipity.

somehow, i have always felt that i have questions deep inside me that i am trying to work out, and films and books give me messages to lead me further on to my answers.

this movie i just watched is a true-to-life adaptation from the memoirs of writer Frances Mayes. it talks about how a woman (the author) reclaims her self again and finds her true niche and love after a nasty divorce, by following her heart. her journey takes her to Tuscany, where her gay friend was drawn to buy her a ticket to for a gay tour. her friend thought she'd benefit from the fun tour.

from desire to desire, Frances is led along, just following what lights her up, what causes a quickening inside her. she is moved to buy a 300-year-old house when she doesn't have the money for the asking price, yet the house was eventually sold to her by the owner anyway. her rebuilding and renovating the old house becomes a metaphor for her own attempts to rebuild and renovate her own life.

"Build the house, and forget everything else. You will be led to your joy," was one advice she got from a new friend she made in Kathrine, a mysterious, attractive, fun mature woman who captivates her with her gleeful delight in following her pleasures.

she also gets another advice from another friend, a married man friend (the house's real estate agent, actually) who told her the story of how the railroad tracks from Vienna to Italy (?) were built long before trains were even invented.

sounds very similar to a quote i read from a book many years ago, "If you build (the house), the occupants will come" -- or something like that.

i am even reminded now of that movie starring Kevin Costner as a washed out baseball player who eventually starts his life over in a new small town and gets a champion team going from a motley group of interested but untrained and untalented players, Field of Dreams, which also said something about preparing the field for the dreams to grow in...

hmmm... there is a message here for me somewhere, and the message seems to be that: i am on the right track, encouraging me in my journey.

since the New Year, i have decided to more consciously just follow my Bliss, pursue my deepest desires, express my truth and clearly state what i need and want from the people around me, and just having fun and enjoying what i have now and thanking God for it (also re-emphasized to me by the book i recently finished, "Womanly Arts") ... and strangely, things are working out, falling into place.

i see now that my instinctual "clearing out space" recently is my own way of building my new "house" for my truest desires and dreams to manifest.

and to think that the last movie i watched before this (Shall We Dance) also had a similar theme-- following one's lead that will lead one to one's joys!

: )
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