Friday, February 25, 2005

In Addition to Fun

... i feel joy, and humility, and gratitude, and awe.

Belbeth from Central America emails me to congratulate me on my blog: Hello Jean! I am a 30 year old girl, I love your articles!.. They are so enlighting....!!!.. and totally true..!!I could easily post a coment in your blog but.. I rather CONGRATULATE! you in private.!!I am a big fan of your ideas!!

so i reply back: thank you! i hope you still comment though, so i could also click the link on your blog and comment too. (in short, id like to know more about you and why you agree with my thoughts, heehee).thank you very much, it's 5am and you just made my day. : )God bless.

and she clinches it with: No need to thank, dear Jean. You are so talented and such an amazing woman!! I have to recognize that!!! I live in Central América, Guatemala., I am single, and very dissapointed in some guy´s issues.. but .. one of your articles.. really brought me up to life again.. God bless your brilliant mind!!! And I am definetely looking forward to be your friend in América.

of course my heart fills up with joy at praise like this!!!

but more than that, i am in awe. God does send angels in our midst to lift us up when we think we're so alone!

thank you, too, Belbeth. you are a blessing too with your generosity!
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