Monday, February 06, 2006

Life 101

i came home with the kids early, and we all settled into winding down and relaxing our selves.

i went straight to the shower, took off my contacts, and changed into my favorite nightie without the underwear get-up. yes, at 4 p.m. : )

as i sat there on the bed, toweling my self, i was struck by a strange moment of calm recognition--

this is my life now, and it is good.


heck, for all the wild rides ive taken, it has turned out good!

my time is more my own now, the kids and i are healthy and safe and have enough for our needs, and we're thriving as we flex all our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical muscles just growing and blossoming forth every day, as we were always meant to be.

even since i re-started my Manifesting studies and Silva meditations, too, i've found that i am more ... centered... calmer.... less vulnerable to negativity, whether from others or from my own self-talk.

for the first time in my life, i can confidently say-- i have no problems!

(knock on wood!) heehee... just to be sure.

ooh wow.

and then a little sneaky thought reminded me of how i was even just a year before, so stressed, so close to burn-out. how dare i can be so different now?! how dare i?!!!


and then i started getting depressed that i am not depressed right now. : ( figure that one out.

look what crazy havoc one sneaky discouraging thought can do.

i actually started feeling down, questionning my own present state of calm and contentment and joy now!!!

ooh wow, where did that psychic whack come from???


but, the Universe is good.

as i sat down to open my emails, i received another forward from a long-ago friend whom i just recently actually thought of blocking because of the many cheesy forwards she sends, but this time, while reading her forwarded email, i felt like it was the Universe sitting me down and talking to me, reminding me of where i'm at --

A Most Wonderful day to you !

Albert Einstein once said, "Everyone has two choices.
We're either full of love,
or full of fear."

This could not be more true. Look around you. I bet
you can determine
whether someone is filled with love
or fear in a matter of seconds. People
who are filled
with love (or at least getting there!) are optimistic,

excited, helping, listening, cheering go-getters it
shows on their face, in their
spirit and seems to
refresh everyone they meet. Those filled with fear
are paranoid, pessimistic, envious, demanding,

overbearing downers and it shows on their face, in
their spirit and seems to
suck the life out of everyone
they meet.

Which one are you? Are you filled with fear or love?
Or are you a
combination of the two? Which one do you
want to be?

That's a silly question. You want to be full of love.
So, why aren't we all full
of love for everyone, including

Maybe it's just easier. You don't have to put forth much
of an effort to
be a pessimist. Heck, the world seems to
be geared toward SATISFYING
pessimists. Just listen to
the nightly news or read the morning paper.
Nothing but
bad news and more bad news!

But I'm here to tell you ­ that's no excuse. If you want
something, you
have to work for it. Creating a positive
attitude based in love takes
work ­ especially when almost
everyone around you is telling you, "Why
bother? The
sky is just going to fall in anyway."

Let them talk. Their negative Chicken Little belongs to
them. Not you.
Change your attitude, and your outlook
changes with it. This, in turn,
will change your life
and change your results.Period.

It just takes consistent and conscious effort to stay
in that place of warmth
and positivity.

The opinions or negativity of other people do not have
to become your
reality. You determine whether you allow
that to happen. It all starts in
your mind. You need to
have a strong self-image and belief system within you

an impenetrable core based on a positive, optimistic,
mindset ­ so that when those negative
folks start jabbering, you can sit
quietly within yourself
and know who you are.

When you're trying to be more optimistic and filled with
love, you can TRY
to avoid those people who bring others down,
draining the very life-blood
of hope and possibility, but . . .
unfortunately, this avoidance tactic
rarely works.

They will find you! Once you have embraced a positive,
think-out-of-the-box, the-sky-is-not-the-limit
mindset, these people are
somehow automatically drawn to you,
like bees to honey.

Don't worry. It's just a test. The Universe wants to know if
you're serious
about your new way of living. Don't be afraid
of the test; ­ just look these people
square in the eye with
love and joy, and sit there within yourself knowing that

they sadly just ­ don't get it

They don't understand that life wants them to be successful
and receive abundance.
They believe that everything is a
struggle and there is only a limited supply that

everyone must fight for. They don't get it, and they won't
get you. They may even
challenge the new you.

This hardly gives you the permission to look down on these
people, or think snidely
of them in any way, shape or form.
You're not better than they are. You may be more
aware and living in more abundance and gratitude, but that
doesn't make
you better than them. Understand that these
people are suffering.

They are suffering from lack -- ­ lack of self-esteem,
lack of energy, lack of love.
You don't have to explain
your new attitude;­ they will sense it immediately. That's

what has drawn them to you in the first place. Your new self
is now radiating energy
out and attracting people to you.

At the same time, their being drawn to you, does not mean
that you should spend all
of your energy trying to change
them. In many cases, your kind- hearted efforts will

deplete your energy levels. The best way you can help these
people is to be an
example of what can happen when your
mindset is based in love and positivity.

"Great people choose to be greater than their problems.
You have that potential too."

- Mark Victor Hansen


yeah, it must have been some psychic whack indeed.

but i think it came from some old part of me, who still
can't get
over the fact that i've moved on, and have chosen to be a master
of my mind and my fate, instead
of a victim.

i lay that suffering part of me to rest now.

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