Thursday, February 09, 2006

sister, again

i went there again today just to see how she's doing... and to sample a new buffet of vegan food, too (as a regularly paying customer, of course).

but before that, i used her text message to me of the detailed menu for today to forward to all the Bacolod-based people in my cellphone book again.

wowwww... was i pleasantly surprised when i went in at 1pm after my exams.

the place was comfortably full! and i saw at leazt 5 faces of people i texted earlier already there, going for their seconds or thirds! : D

when i went to the buffet table, the serving dishes were almost empty; i had just arrived in time to get my fill too.

my sister was surprised at the turnout too, and she asked me what i did.

i had to run her through all the 4 basic steps quickly-- know what you want, get clear, stay in joy and let go-- that i've learned for my self so far, after a lot of readings and researches on my own since middle of last year. : )

well, quickly, because people kept wanting her to ask her about things, and her phone never stopped ringing too!

woowwwww.... this manifesting stuff never fails to amaze me still every time it works.

hmmm... i know i ought to be checking on my own manifestations... but i know too that once one has let go, to never keep checking to see how it's going. that's like rushing a flower to bloom, pestering and interfering, instead of truly letting go....

no, i won't check. : )

it will come.

they will come, i mean.

today is one more proof of that certainty.

thank you God!!!


sister asked me to manifest for a really big commercial cake and vegetable chiller this time.

her wish is my command. (wink, wink! ;> )
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