Tuesday, February 07, 2006

So Much Going On

my cousin lee hua (alona) finally IMs me to ask why ive been so quiet lately; and another blogger friend asked the same thing too.

well, the short answer is-- im busy. (aren't we all? : >) i want to finish all backlog and work and writing projects before i turn 38 (feb. 29... er.... well, this year, i will have to borrow either feb. 28 or march 1), so i can clear space and energies in my life for my 38th year.

and the long answer is-- there's just so much going on in my life right now, all good and happy things, that i can't even sit still long enough to think about them and write about them without sounding like i'm bragging, or crazy.

there's so much growing, too, and so much new information im learning, at all levels but most especially in the level of the mind and consciousness and being, and im just having a ball keeping up!

i'll make it up to you somehow, soon or late, cousin lee! promise.

and thanks, so many thanks... for so many things.
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