Wednesday, February 08, 2006


im doing great these days (an update on that later), but my sister is not.

i visited her at their newly-opened cafe today, to be one of their first customers. i was all excited and upbeat, even texting friends in my cellphone book who happen to be based in our city and announcing to them her daily lunch buffet of vegan treats for only P90.00, eat all you can!

she sat at my table, with the kids, but she was picking on her food and eating listlessly. well, there were not many customers yet, actually just me and her mother-in-law, but my thinking was-- what do you expect from a first day opertion? she smiled at me when i grew all excited about where we could place flyers-- mainly i told her it should be in allied businesses dealing with health: gyms, beauty parlors, spas, even doctors' clinics and hospital waiting rooms, and, come Lent, outside churches too! she says she should hire me as marketing consultant; i said ive already hired my self for her, for free. : )

but she still seemed wan and sad.

i couldn't delve into more with her, with the young kids around.

but i just decided-- id include her in my meditations and affirmations, too, visualizing people getting out of their cars and excitedly flocking to her cafe and scraping the buffet trays clean, while she and her husband happily and busily run around attending to customers, along with their staff, and the cash register keeps on ringing happily!!! : D

ive turned my life around mainly with this little secret... : ) : ) : )

i think it's time to more consciously spread the magic around.

God bless my sister and her husband and their kids and their new cafe!!!
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