Sunday, February 19, 2006

little Angels

my heart feels raw from crying for most of the day, my chest even feels sore, racked. but i kept on doing paperwork anyway and never letting the kids see how down ive been feeling. from time to time, i would take a break and rest and sob in bed, still awash in my feelings of failure and ineptness at taking care of my own (pls. see post below)...

but tonight, while working here on the pc, with thea on the other end working on the laptop, and the two of us listening to the little ones play a war game with paolo's toy soldiers on the floor, we heard food-lover bea stopping paolo in the middle of the war, saying--

ding, ding, ding, ding!!!

we all burst out laughing while bea, looking a bit hurt and confused, innocently protested, "but ive got to feed my soldiers, too!"

NWObserver was right (pls. see comment on post below); wonderful things happen when the kids are at home.

and they will only start being absent tomorrow yet. : )

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