Monday, January 10, 2005


ive just finished Womanly Arts and the second to the last chapter talks about inviting abundance and the fulfillment of all of one's desires into one's life through the sheer power of desire and conjuring.

basically, the book talks about four main aspects of conjuring:

1. the expectation of pure pleasure, imagining enjoying one's desires as already fulfilled
2. treasuring one's self in all the ways one wants to be treasured, acknowledging and celebrating the good NOW in one's life, to create space for more good to come
3. sharing the good with others
4. constantly thanking God/Goddess/the Forces/powers that be for the bounty that has come and is coming


and my eldest daughter, Thea, teases me with the message i keep in my cellphone's outbox, "is this like, what, ma, a quick checklist just in case you meet Him soon in the street or in the grocery aisles?"

"a good, trustworthy man with a good mind and a good heart, who is honest, loving and kind, takes good care of himself and is positive about life"

i smile shyly, but i forbid her from erasing the message anyway.

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