Wednesday, January 12, 2005


i am feeling much better now. tim's and kolzen's friendly comments helped; it's nice to know someone at least knows what you're going through and commiserates, in their own way. :) thank god for good friends!

then, too, i think it's the idea of "a way out" , even if it's only in my mind.

somehow, a situation doesn't seem to be so desperate and unchangeable if you can see a way out of it, even if it's only an idea.

that is why Sun Tzu says never to push a desperate man to the wall; always give your enemy a graceful way out, so the intensity of the situation becomes instantly diffused. : )


so i started early today with renewed energies. i woke up at 2am and tackled my paperwork with the intent of a prize bull going for the kill. i only stopped when it was time to wake up the kids and go to work my self.

i'm back home now and am resuming the momentum. just having managed to get something done so early, while the rest of the world was still asleep, was a major mood booster in itself, too.

'tis true what they say, when you hit rock bottom, take heart, as there's no other way to go but up again! : D

forever the irrepresible optimist, that's me. : )

you can't put a cheerful woman down, huh? not for long, anyway.

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