Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Goodbye, Hello

the resignation letter i submitted last monday was accepted graciously, thank god! i just have to finish the schoolyear and was even asked for my recommendees to the position i am vacating.

i welcome going back to the independent life of a full time faculty, responsible only to my students and my self, being able to go to the library more to read, and not to make administrative requests, reclaiming my time and my space back, for inner work, for pleasure work, following my passions and interests. i have been taking care of 400 students and varied faculty for soo long, it's a new exciting feeling thinking i can go back to just taking care of my self again! : D oh blessed me!!!

like cleaning out a closet to let go of old clothes and shoes one no longer uses, and to clear out space for newer better clothes and shoes that fit the person one has evolved into, i am clearing out space in my life now for my deepest pleasures: books and writing and learning and free, independent time with people, and my children, and films and music and good coffee, good conversation, good friends, good loving!!!

and to top it all-- this aligns perfectly with my after-age-40 goals, too: an independent life working and earning from home doing what i love to do best and travelling and exploring the world!!!

i'm on my way, world. : )

this has been a long time coming.

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