Friday, January 21, 2005


just before falling off to sleep last night, he said a very strange thing out of the blue (we were talking about buying him a play scientist set with all those chemicals and potions to mix next Christmas):

"mama, i don't care about money."

i responded, " uh-huh... what do you care about then?"

"my heart."


a few moments later, he sleepily asked again, "mama, can i just give my money away to anybody when i have lots?" (he saves his allowances, even at 6 years old!)

and i said, "of course you can. just make sure you give them to people who will use them for good things."

and he said, "i save my money. is that a good thing?"

and i said, "yes. you will be rich someday, for sure."

and he asked, "how do you know?"

and i said, "because i've read that people who become rich and stay rich are the ones who save."

with that, he hugged me tight and fell asleep.

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