Sunday, January 30, 2005

I Am Fine

the very few family and friends who know where i've been the past week and have access to my blogs are suddenly all over me with concern and dismay, especially after reading my last three blogs here.

thank you, thank you, thank you!!! family and friends, I AM FINE.

i am a woman of intellect but also a woman of passion, a woman of sensibility but also a woman of crazy wicked schemes.

i chose the experience to acknowledge a deep need, i went through it, and i am fine, although with a few brambles snagged in my messed up hair, some scratches on my arm and leg, little smudges of dirt on my nose and chin, but GRINNING again now, for having had the adventure at least, and some more life lessons and even two new poems gained from it.

besides, nothing beats the thrilling whooooooshh of energies i have now for my life, getting back to the old chores with new vigor and looking forward to the year ahead with renewed enthusiasm.

somehow, in the end, my adventurous "vacation", did me good: the burnout days are suddenly over!

i don't regret it at all, and i'd do it again. only this time, i'd be clearer about what i wanted and needed too, aside from just "the fun".

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