Thursday, March 03, 2005

Intimacy Essentials

i just availed of's free sample Intimacy Essentials Report, and here is what it said about my particular intimacy and relationship needs:

When Jean was born, the Sun was in the Sign Pisces, the Visionary or the Mystic.

Jean's basic sanity and vitality depend upon her frequent and regular immersion in experiences that help her connect to herself as something vaster, more mysterious and far less definable than merely her ego, body or personality. Jean needs to explore states that involve her formlessness and boundarylessness. To dissolve the narrow definitions of the self into something larger.

In short, Jean requires a steady diet of altered-state experiences to nourish the Mystic and the Visionary at the core of her need and capacity to experience other worlds, inner, meditative or creative, as just as real and compelling as the outer world. These experiences should be consciously chosen, calming, and heighten Jean's awareness--not dull it with escapist or addictive behavior.

Jean's nature is sensitive, compassionate, dreamy, and intuitive, full of mystical or psychic sensibilities. An atheistic, skeptical, totally linear and uncompromisingly pragmatic attitude and lifestyle would be poisonous to her.
(emphasis mine.)

For a relationship to blossom, committed love must deepen Jean's sense of the indescribable Mystery of life, not reduce it. In intimacy, Jean's tendency towards sappiness
(sappiness!) may present some problems, but they're insurmountable only in two cases: if Jean has chosen to numb her sensitivity with addictions, or if she has chosen a rigid, judgmental and defensive realist as a mate. (hmmm... no wonder that first marriage was horrible! i see more clearly now that we were really the wrong fit; i drove him crazy with my "ethereal-ness", i wilted under his very "realistic" stare. imagine Joan of Arc and Hitler together!)

Jean's constant, if unspoken, search for Spirit at the core of everything may seem unworkably Quixotic at times, yet that same search can recognize and honor the soul of her mate and add immeasurably to the enchantment of the relationship.

so, the bottomline for me is to find somebody who will feed my Spirit, more than my mind and body, huh?

hmmmm..... (no wonder i used to want to become a nun... heehee!!! glad i didn't, poor priests, with temptation right at their doors. haahaa.)

hmmmm. : )
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