Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Suddenly, Life

J's back, and so suddenly.

we first met in november 2003. sparks flew, fireworks exploded, in a good way and in a sad way.

we clicked instantly; we also fought like hell. we were (and still are) both so frank and bullheaded.

in three weeks, it was over.


and today, more than a year later, he's back. just as suddenly.

we talked a very loooong talk.

some issues were resolved-- my intense jealousy, his pining for his dead former gf.

he wants to pick up where we left off. i held back. how dare he just barge into my life again and expect me to just accommodate him so easily???!!! the nerve.

we argued again.

and made up.

all in a span of half a day.

needless to say, the atmosphere is electric. suddenly, Life beckons again.

i am suddenly feeling so energized i feel like i could do a whole week's paperwork backlog in just one night, tonight.


hmmm... is this what my dream meant, about finally getting "It" at last?

: O
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