Sunday, December 12, 2004

Bridget Jones' Advice

oprah interviewed renee zellwegger on her show today and asked renee, as bridget jones, for advice on the kinds of men to watch out for. bridget said, "love your self more than you will ever love these types":

1. (i didn't catch it, as i my youngest daughter asked me something)
2. married but in denial
3. sex-crazed
4. emotionally crippled
5. morally corrupt

oh how i can relate! i've been through numbers 2 to 5 so i guess i must be making progress. you've been with any one, you can detect them a mile away the next time. and then too, if you've been through the pits, there's no other way to go but up, huh? : )

that's a hopeful thought.

i just hope i've already been through number 1, too, whatever it was. God knows i can't, won't and shouldn't have to suffer BS one more time!

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