Sunday, December 19, 2004

Honesty and Kindness

M2 and i went out for some shakes and a movie today. it felt good being around each other again, after a long time.

over shakes, we got around to talking about the recent "drama" in his life where i managed to play unwitting supporting heroine/villain, however one looks at it.

"her cousin even sent me a link to her yahoo profile with her picture on it, your so-called 'girlfriend', N ... ", i volunteered.

he looked nonplussed, "they did that, huh? i told you she's not my girlfriend. she just likes to think she is."

"yeah", and i smiled and looked at him naughtily.

after a pause, he grinned and said, "well? what do you think?"

"ummm... she's okay, i guess," i looked away but couldn't stop grinning my self.

"and what does THAT mean, huh?" he pressed.

"well... she looks like an unemployed professor," i said and sighed.

M2 looked at me quizzically, "why do you say that?"

i looked back at him and, as seriously as i can, said, "she has no class."

M2 stared at me for a moment and then guffawed.

i grinned, "well you had to ask."

M2 shook his head and said, "baby, you're sooo cute when you're like that! i love it!"

innocently, i said, "oh. i thought i was being kind."

this time we both guffawed.

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