Saturday, December 18, 2004

Why Love Is Not Enough

Even if you loved me
and i loved you
most times
our being together
has to end.

It is one thing to feel love;
It is another thing to sustain love.

Sustaining love takes--
the right kind of character,
and commitment
to sustaining love.

We may feel love
but if we are--
too tied to the past,
too fearful,
too suspicious,
too closed up,
too self-absorbed,
too self-unaware,
would rather hide in lies than truth,
would rather just have fun than growth,
would rather just have sex than real intimacy,
would rather serve our own interests than both our loved ones' and our own,
would rather be made happy than take responsibility for one's own happiness,
would rather remain childish than grow up--
then we cannot be ready for real loving.

And if we are not soul ready for real loving,
how can we truly, fully commit to real loving?

Being in love takes only feelings,
Being in a loving relationship takes all of you and more--
out of your self and into a bigger Self.

Being in love
but not being in a truly loving relationship
of caring, respect, honesty, trust and friendship
diminishes us
rather than enlarges us.

That is why
our being together
has to end.

That is why
love is not enough.

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