Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Walls of Fear

Our hearts want to experience all
To sing and play, laugh and cry
Happiness and sorrow, pain and joy
With what some may call reckless abandon
However, it is just unconditional love
Our minds, though, do not agree
It wants to control and manage
To be too cautious and too careful
With what some may call logic
However, it just builds walls of fear
Walls of fear
Keep us from mistakes
Keeps us from pain
Keep us from sorrow
However, they keep us from love
My mind has built too many walls
To protect me from pain
From many years of crying and sorrow
Of limited success and many failures
However, they are slowly crashing down
Love will cure all
Love is all we need
Love, I did not have
Love, now, I have
However, fear still keeps the walls
Now, love has found me
Gives to me all
Gives me joy and passion
And happiness and love
Tearing down my walls of fear

*reprinted with permission from the author (thanks, tim!)

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