Friday, December 17, 2004

A Sinful Pleasure

today, i took the whole afternoon off away from the people in my usual world and traveled to a world only my own, or share with those similarly driven. i do this once every two or three months or so, oftener when im feeling really harassed and in need of some good loving.

i asked two or three friends to join me for this special treat some days ago and i was surprised by their similar reactions: their eyes widened and their mouths formed big Os and then they giggled and teased me, with one of them even pinching me and saying, "oohhh you're so deliciously naughty! what a sinful pleasure!"

so, with nobody in tow, i submitted my self to my usual haunt today: a complete facial and peeling treatment to soften my facial skin even further, a long and luxurious hot oil treatment on my hair after i had it trimmed, a queenly foot spa and massage finished off with an elegant manicure and pedicure in the end.

needless to say, i drove home feeling so good and so beautiful and so loved, that i also felt like i could take on anything life throws my way but at the same time feeling so content and thankful, that my life is just exactly as i dreamed it would be -- a masterpiece in progress.

i am in a good place in my life at last, but i didn't realize loving one's self and giving one's self simple pleasures, simple joys would be such a sin now.

if that is most women's attitudes about pleasuring one's self, no wonder many are so angry and spiteful when other women have it good.

well, i'm sorry for them. all i can do is invite them to goddess magic. the rest is still up to them.

: )
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