Sunday, November 21, 2004

In Hiding Again

i have been in going-inside-myself mode lately. net friends can see that from my yahoo and msn profiles which are not so open anymore.

i have this imaginary conversation with an imaginary friend going on inside my head:

friend: what happened to your profiles? i don't see your personal website and your blogsite addresses anymore! and what's that white butterfly picture doing there?

me: im hiding.

friend: hiding??? from whom? why???

me: from perverts in the net, maybe. from screwed-up people who just lie and cheat and sweet talk their way into your heart and life, i guess.

me: i'm not giving them any "ammunition" anymore to use against me to screw me! i should have learned that the first time, huh.

friend: yeah.

friend: i hate saying "i told you so".

me: i know. me too.

friend: yeah. ... i think i know now what that white butterfly means...

me: yeah. thanks.

friend: (HUGGG!!!)

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