Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Little Blessings

kolzen's virtual friendly support started it all.

after i went back to sleep, my 6-year-old son sleepily turned to hug me tight and mumble, "you are the best, mom!" :)

when i woke up in the morning, although i was still feeling groggy and tempted to call in sick from work, i forced my self to get up, shower and look not only my usual good, but gorgeous best. that dash of very, very red lipstick (i call it my war paint) sent me off in more upbeat spirits for the day. :D

i am lucky i work in an environment where there are many people who greet each other with a nod or a smile in corridors. getting to my office nodding and smiling to so many students and colleagues made me start to think that THIS is my real life and that other life which caused so many depressing blogs is the unreal one!

in between classes, while checking email, even my astroscopes agreed with my more positive mood:

from - So much affection could be expressed towards you today that you might want to pinch yourself and see if you're really awake. Don't think this way - you've earned it!

from - The turmoil and drama of recent events will fade, and your life will suddenly be grounded, stable and secure. There. Now take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back and allow yourself to enjoy what you've accomplished.

amazingly accurate, huh??? ;D

the rest of my day yesterday went on with me in better spirits. accomplishing a lot at work and feeling perked up by my lively and affectionate interactions with my students helped to dispel the last of the dark clouds from the days before.

in the evening, an old old trusted friend and i chatted, and it was comforting being surrounded by a good friend's steadfast cherishing all over again, reminding me of all the good things i am and all the good things i have in my life.

today, another old friend cared enough to scold me offline, telling me he read my blogs (so he's been visiting my profile!) and "to stop the drama, i am too intelligent, etc." hahaa, okay T, even in your gruffness i sense the affection still. thank you.

needless to say--
i am back.

hello again, world! : D
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