Saturday, November 13, 2004

Why I Broke Off with P


from the start, what hooked me was his keen interest in my kids. he asked about them, what they liked, how they are. i thought to my self: "finally, maybe he is the answer to my prayers! a man who will love my kids as if they were his own! it doesn't matter if he loves my kids more than he loves me; my kids deserve a loving father at last!"

so that's why it went on for two months of almost nonstop chatting.

but i wondered why he wouldn't give me his complete home or work addresses or phone numbers... uh-oh. warning bells! deja vu!!!

then, as it went on, the questions about my kids took a queer turn. like: is it okay if he's so casual at home that the kids will see him in just briefs and tshirt? is it okay if he washes my hair and my daughter's in the bathroom together? is it okay if sometimes the kids climb into bed with us and find him naked down there? is it okay if we all bathe together like a normal family does and the kids see him naked?

and the conversation was like that almost EVERY time we chatted. the other times, he liked to talk about my butt. for two months. butt talk or bathing with kids' talk. all packaged in the context of sweet promises and future dreams as a family, of course.


now that i'm free of him. i see it more clearly now: i must have dated a PEDOPHILE!!!!!

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