Saturday, November 13, 2004



strange how life can suddenly turn full circle sometimes. when my sister lost her left breast to cancer, her hubby started acting up and screwing around. for more than a year now, i suffered for my sister too, tortured at what he put her through.

an interesting thing happened last tuesday. her hubby had a freak vehicular accident.

it was so freakish his right leg got cut off instantly, with only the tendons hanging on to still attach his lower leg to his thigh. so the doctors had to amputate the leg quickly.

funny huh. he left her when she got only one boob left. now i believe the universe is handing him a dose of his own medicine by making him experience what it is to have only one leg left.

he's lucky though; my sister is still sticking by him. and where are all his women now???

what goes around, comes around, indeed.
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