Friday, November 19, 2004

Short Trip

today i leave for manila by boat for the Pax Christi general assembly. it's going to be a short trip. i'll be back on the first early morning flight by sunday.

funny that i have only P100 pesos to bring with me on the trip. my sponsors said all my accommodation, meals and transportation needs will be taken care of anyway and a colleague and friend who's going with me on the trip offered to lend me funds in case i'd need more. heehee still living on God's grace and people's goodwill and generosity, after all this time!

but look at the places i've gone to even with lack of my own material resources -- the key cities in our country (this year alone this is my third trip to manila and have made two trips to iloilo), and even Hungary and Romania in 2001!

as with all my trips, i look forward to this one again. it's a chance to get away from my usual life here and just be my self, take care of my self, without being responsible for others. it's a chance to connect more closely too, with likeminded colleagues and new friends, and explore new adventures, even for just a while.

i hope to be further renewed again by this trip, like travelling always does for me.

God take care of my children and all the things i am leaving behind, as i go on this short outer and inner journey again!
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